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Diaper rash can be itchy and painful and make your baby irritable and cranky. Columbia Antiseptic Powder can help alleviate the symptoms of diaper rash. Used regularly it can prevent reoccurrence.

The choice of pediatricians, nurses, and parents to treat diaper rash, for over 125 years.

Columbia Healing Cream uses the finest cold pressed Aloe Vera, providing twice the amount of soothing amino acids of other moisturizers.

Our unique blend of botanicals, vitamins and minerals, is clinically proven to hydrate, protect & enhance skin elasticity and tone, making it look and feel more youthful.

Clinical tests at a leading American research laboratory measured statistically significant skin moisturization after only 14 days of use.

100% of the test subjects agreed that Columbia Healing Cream left their skin looking and feeling hydrated, softer, smoother, younger, silky and more elastic after the 2 week trial.

Columbia Skin Cares

Columbia develops products that provide very real benefits for the user, whether they are two legged or four legged, with allergen free products that help keep their skin healthy.

made in the US

S.O.S. (save our skin!)
An effective natural alternative (homeopathic) treatment for toenail fungus that avoids the use of risky drugs….

It is very difficult to completely cure toenail fungus, and reinfection is common. For a natural alternativeread more…

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