Treating Rashes


Relieve Itch and Dry Up Pimples

Columbia Antiseptic Powder helps stop the itch resulting from mild skin rashes and irritation. Less itch means less scratching, which in turn means fewer infections and scars.

Columbia Powder can also help dry up pimples and weeping rashes. This helps contain the problem while it heals and inhibits spreading the problem to surrounding skin.

Helpful Information

Over washing dry skin can aggravate dryness and cause damage. To get a general idea of your skin type follow these steps:

Wash your face thoroughly and let it air dry. If after an hour your face feels extremely dry and mask-like, you probably have dry skin. If this is not the case, press a clean dry white handkerchief to against your face. If the cloth shows evidence of oil, your skin probably can be classified as oily. If the cloth is dry, your skin is probably normal.

Most people have combination skin with the forehead, nose, and chin being oilier than the surrounding areas. Judging your skin type accurately can help you select the best products for your skin.

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