Treating Skin Irritation


Relieve Annoying Itch

Odds are you or someone you know itches. Many people are plagued by sudden breakouts, mysterious rashes, and hives. Often such incidents are diagnosed as dermatitis, a broad term that includes various forms of eczema or urticaria, aka hives. To date there is no cure for dermatitis. Suffers often go to great lengths just to get temporary relief.

According to experts, atopic dermatitis accounts for approximately 10-20 % of all annual referrals to dermatologists. Characterized by chronic itching, scaling, weeping, and inflammation, it can leave its victims terribly scarred. The urge to scratch despite the risk of scarring, is extremely strong and difficult to resist especially for children. Unfortunately, constant scratching can also lead to secondary infections, some of which are difficult to treat.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder stops the burning, weeping, and itching often associated with dermatitis. By eliminating the need to scratch the affected area, it gives the condition a chance to heal without infection.

Columbia Antiseptic Powder does not contain steroids or cortisone.

Helpful Information

Simple Steps to Stop the Itch

1. Cover hands with lightweight gloves or mittens at night to prevent scratching during sleep.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures.

3. Keep the skin clean, dry and moisturized.

4. Avoid using scented soaps, lotions and creams. Try the unscented or hypoallergenic version.

5. Make sure the clothing is loose but not so loose fitting that it chafes or rubs against the skin.

6. Remove tags from clothing.

7. Experts believe eczema may be related in some way to allergies such as hay fever and asthma, so try to limit exposure to allergens.

8. It’s hard, but try to minimize stress and anxiety. If possible try some relaxation techniques.

9. Avoid long hot baths.

10. Avoid dust and dander.

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