Columbia Healing Cream FAQ


Q. Is your product tested on animals?

A. Columbia Healing Cream like all of our other products is cruelty free. It was tested with human subjects only.

Q. Where can I purchase Columbia Healing Cream?

A. Columbia Healing Cream is available online, through select dermatologists, salons, spas and wherever quality skin care products are sold.

Q. I work at a car wash. My hands are always sore and the skin on my fingers is always cracked. Can Columbia Healing Cream help me?

A. Certainly. Columbia Healing Cream can be very helpful to you if you use it regularly. Especially at night before going to sleep and in the morning before starting work.

Q. I am an avid rider, and I cannot use a cream that leaves a greasy film on my hands. Will I be able to use Columbia Healing Cream?

A. Yes. Unlike other skin creams, Columbia healing Cream is designed to be completely absorbed into the skin within seconds of contact. It is not a “barrier” cream like the majority of products on the market. Instead, Columbia Healing Cream works underneath the skin promoting maximum hydration.

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